The new JNM Public address amplifiers have been designed specifically for installations where a versatile paging system with high quality music playback is required.

The onboard AM/FM tuner in the JNM offers a simple, cost effective background music source.

The JNM is ideal for restaurants, small clubs, office and retail environments where a simple and reliable system capable of serviceing multiple paging zones is required. Multiple inputs for microphone or source materials, and voice activated paging from a microphone means the JNM can be used in virtually any application. The amplifier can also be connected to a telephone matrix for announcements.

Versatile input mixing capabilities make the JNM the ideal solution for places of worship, A/V Boardrooms and conference room public address applications. It would also find use in schools, Hospitals, factories, fitness facilities and for public evacuation announcements.

The JNM public address amplifiers are capable of driving either a 8 ohm speaker load, 70 V or 5 separate 100 V speaker systems (One system per zone) and delivers power of 120 Watt RMS/240 Watt RMS (Mono). A pre amp output is available to feed an auxilliary power amplifier or an active subwoofer to enhance the system and an additional tape out is also provided to feed video or audio recording equipment.

Both, the PA-120 and the PA-240 have a similar front panel and back panel. The features for both the amplifiers are similar and they differ only in the power that they deliver. Both boast of a very sturdy mild steel powder coated cabinet and a brushed alluminium front panel with alluminium knobs giving it a very elegant look.


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